About Us

What is NGEN Networks?

NGEN Networks is a consulting firm specializing in:

  • Infrastructure design and deployment,
  • Customized solutions tailored to our clients' requirements,
  • White-glove solutions delivery,
  • Security auditing and risk mitigation,
  • Service and equipment sourcing and delivery,
  • Operations optimization and Opex reduction, and
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring.

NGEN is well versed in managing environments of all sizes, from SOHO networks, to enterprise, to global network operators. We specialize in delivering a scalable, supportable solution every time.


NGEN Networks was founded in 2015 by an entrepreneur with many years of experience as a network security engineer at a global telecom company. Combining forces with other experts in the industry, NGEN leverages this knowledge and experience to bridge the gap between wireless technologies, the Internet, and other networks across the globe.